A self hosted livestreaming server.
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import * as db from "../database";
import * as dirty from "dirty";
async function run () {
await db.query('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS ch_bans(channel VARCHAR(25), target VARCHAR(45), time BIGINT, length INT DEFAULT 30)');
console.log('!!! This migration has a race condition when run from the `npm run migrate` command. If thats how this was called, please re-run this migration manually.\n!!! Run `npm run v3-manual` to do so');
var bansdb = new dirty('./config/bans.db')
bansdb.on('load', async () => {
bansdb.forEach(async (key, val) => {
let ips = Object.keys(val);
for(var i=0;i<ips.length;i++){
await db.query('INSERT INTO ch_bans (channel, target, time, length) VALUES ('+db.raw.escape(key)+', '+db.raw.escape(ips[i])+', '+val[ips[i]].time+', '+val[ips[i]].length+')');
await db.query('INSERT INTO db_meta (version) VALUES (3)');
console.log('Done migrating bans.db');
console.log('If this was a manual migration, you can kill the process now.');
export { run }