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knotteye 362381e7db Update documentation with hwaccleration issues 10 months ago
knotteye 364994decc Start work on hardware acceleration. 12 months ago
knotteye fe3ec1bd75 Fix CORS issues in reccomended nginx config 1 year ago
knotteye 07cba66096 Fix a typo in the generated config file 1 year ago
knotteye 1fa6bf7e81 Update documentation 1 year ago
knotteye 81afb7493b Update config options for xmpp bridge 1 year ago
knotteye 06dc05eb8b Add a dependency for xmpp mirroring and add configurability 1 year ago
knotteye 5126bccbc7 Add configurability to cluster option 1 year ago
knotteye 961b5fe648 Add config option to turn server side rendering off. 1 year ago
knotteye 44cc3213ca Tweak config changes, add functionality in server.ts 1 year ago
knotteye 4ff4a6329d Add configuration options for twitch mirror 1 year ago
knotteye b2759c5298 Update documentation. 1 year ago
knotteye 4bd10151f8 Switch from video.js to dash.js, it seems to be more consistent and hiccup less during streams. 1 year ago
knotteye 19536d8b84 Add working twitch chat relay 1 year ago
knotteye 29d2090540 Add working IRC integration 1 year ago
knotteye 1ef736ca17 Working discord chat integration 1 year ago
knotteye a9f1875234 Add config template for chat integration and db schema 1 year ago
knotteye f7733b9507 Big Refactor 2 years ago
knotteye 76c63d3a94 Set sameSite on Authorization cookie 2 years ago
knotteye a521583e92 Change systemd service description 2 years ago
knotteye efc087c7a3 Fix systemd service to restart properly 2 years ago
knotteye 8771411352 Add more detailed installation instructions 2 years ago
knotteye 7ca1e9023c Fix a typo in db setup script. 2 years ago
knotteye f9e4a7a5c6 I don't even know. 2 years ago
knotteye 085dd02148 Changed init functions to be more consistent. 2 years ago