A self hosted livestreaming server.
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Satyr: A livestreaming server

System dependencies: A stable version of node>=10, mysql3 (or a compatible implementation such as MariaDB), and ffmpeg >=4.2

Setup Instructions

git clone https://pond.waldn.net/git/knotteye/satyr.git
cd satyr
npm install
npm run setup

Follow the instructions after setup runs.

Run the server

npm run start

You can also skip checking the database version and compiling templates (if you don't use server-side rendering) on startup.

npm run start -- --skip-migrate --skip-compile
# don't forget to migrate manually when you update
npm run migrate
# and compile templates after any changes
npm run make-templates


  1. Fork the repository
  2. Create new feature branch
  3. Write Code
  4. Create an request to merge back into develop