18 Commits (8cb78a7dd6cb1adf67a5660016d4c1c5434c5876)

Author SHA1 Message Date
knotteye 8cb78a7dd6 Add code for re-checking if a user has gone live since loading the page 11 months ago
knotteye 7b5a498241 Fix manifest uri in user.njk 1 year ago
knotteye 2a5e8d6ec2 Add play button functionality for web player 1 year ago
knotteye 12e868456a Add play button for shaka player. Needs functionality. 1 year ago
knotteye 2de486da46 Switch to shaka-player and initialize it on pageload. 1 year ago
knotteye 90cce68581 Fix bug 1 year ago
knotteye 56c4b94a80 Fix the start video function to avoid redudant calls 1 year ago
knotteye 4bd10151f8 Switch from video.js to dash.js, it seems to be more consistent and hiccup less during streams. 1 year ago
knotteye a0be256a64 Hopefully resolves issues with videojs occasionally not initializing the player 2 years ago
knotteye 661d953919 Fix a bug with user pages displaying incorrectly in chrome 2 years ago
knotteye 5a52308503 Stop using dash.js, videojs supports it natively. 2 years ago
knotteye cf71e663de Handle temporary data from database better instead of modifying njkconf in place. 2 years ago
knotteye 7983b60f8d Switch from transcode server in node-media-server to spawning ffmpeg processes 2 years ago
knotteye f5f9d1f8e6 Play MPEG-DASH by default. 2 years ago
knotteye eba441b624 Add working Socket.IO based chat 2 years ago
knotteye fad832fe38 Remove long winded installation guide 2 years ago
knotteye f9e4a7a5c6 I don't even know. 2 years ago
knotteye b0533f973b Added some api functions, an express server for the API and nunjucks 2 years ago