A self hosted livestreaming server.
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knotteye a8a05a992e Merge pull request 'Update package version for release' (#25) from develop into master 8 months ago
index.html Switch to shaka-player and initialize it on pageload. 11 months ago
index.js Check if the video object still exists before restarting the timeout 8 months ago
local.css Commit a local.css file to get rid of some error messages 11 months ago
logo.svg I don't even know. 2 years ago
play.svg Add play button for shaka player. Needs functionality. 11 months ago
send.png Add working Socket.IO based chat 2 years ago
styles.css Remove long winded installation guide 2 years ago
thumbnail.png Switch from video.js to dash.js, it seems to be more consistent and hiccup less during streams. 1 year ago