A self hosted livestreaming server.
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knotteye a8a05a992e Merge pull request 'Update package version for release' (#25) from develop into master 8 months ago
404.njk I don't even know. 2 years ago
about.html I don't even know. 2 years ago
about.njk Added some api functions, an express server for the API and nunjucks 2 years ago
base.njk Update URLs with new repository 11 months ago
changepwd.njk Big Commit! 2 years ago
chat.html Minor improvements to socket.io chat, including banning and unbanning per room, and spam detection and server bans 2 years ago
chat_integ.njk Add templates for chat integration UI 1 year ago
help.njk Update documentation 1 year ago
invite.njk Rework invitation UI a bit, document API changes 11 months ago
list.njk I don't even know. 2 years ago
live.njk I don't even know. 2 years ago
login.njk Fix throwing unhandled promise rejection if user doesn't exist in validatePasswordRedirect user to /profile on successful login 2 years ago
managevods.njk Big commit. Implement handlers for everything that's currently rendered server side in the client-side frontend. 11 months ago
profile.njk Add sections in profile.njk for adjusting settings. 11 months ago
registration.njk Big Commit! 2 years ago
tos.html I don't even know. 2 years ago
user.njk Add code for re-checking if a user has gone live since loading the page 8 months ago
vods.njk Add VOD management page and the ability to delete the user's own vods 1 year ago